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2013 PRISAA Report Athletics




Minimal Participation and a Wasted Opportunity for NCR Schools

The National PRISAA Athletics kicked off in Lingayen two days ago. Although several schools are PRISAA members participation from existing members is now very minimal which means the depth of talent at this meet is rather limited.

Siliman school has boycotted the PRISAA as the University Association allegedly owes millions of pesos in reimbursements to the University dating back and before the 2009 Games which were held in Dumaguete bankrolled by the school.

Meanwhile, the NCR schools have boycotted the PRISAA due to what they see as an unfair election system with the incumbent PRISAA President being in charge for well over a decade. This however for the NCR Athletes is not a good move as the PRISAA would have served as one of the only meets to help build up for the National Games with no all-comers meets available to date.



Few Ground Breaking Performances

joan caido baguio
Caido of Baguio at the PNG center improved his best time from PNG from 50.34 to 48.8

The main standout so far has been Joan Caido of Baguio, the  18-year-old national junior champion who improved his best time to 48.8.  Caido will square off at the PNG against UAAP silver medalist Gab Soriano (UP)  (49.45) and 2011 Palaro Champion  CSB Anfernee Lopena (49.8)  at the PNG to try and defend his title.

 Most Winning athletes have either maintained or had declining performances. This could be partly due to the lack of competition from other schools in this meeting. The Central Visayas Team is leading the competition in points.

“I am happy I was able to win despite strong wind,” said the 20-year old Baluran, a fourth year student at University of Cebu where she is taking up Education. “Despite leg and feet ache, I still won.”

(From the Phil Star)

Here are some select results from the first two days. I am only citing performances that are good enough to be ranked in 2013.

Region 7’s Ernesto Ybañez of Univ. of Cebu leaps to the long jump gold (7.01 meters) during the PRISAA National Games in Lingayen. (Photo Credit: Philippine Star)[/caption]

I would like to thank Lyle Larida for the partial PRISAA results. I have included just the performances which have made the ranking list for 2013.



5k: 1. Mercy Tapoc 19:05.6

100H: 1. Michelle Villas (WV) 15.7 (94)

400H: 1. Avejil Baclas (WV) 1:04.9 (94)

HJ: 1. Charie Bajuyo (DAVRAA) 1.61m,2. Marla Felice Ellaga (BRAA) 1.59m

TJ: 1. Irin Baluran (CV) 11.31m

SP: 1. Maika De Oro (WV) 10.70m (94)

DT: 1. De Oro (PRISAA Record)

HT?: 1. Devy Isada (WV) 33.20m



400m: Joan Caido (BRAA) 48.8 (94), Ryan Bigyan (R4A) 49.0

800m:  Marco Vilog (STRAA) 1:57.0 1, Caido 1:57.0 2.

10k: Anthony Nerza (DAVRAA) 33:23.2

3ks: Nerza 9:49.4

LJ: 1. Ernesto Ybanez (CV) 7.01m

TJ: 1. Ybanez 14.50m, 2. Ramel Ibrabrat 14.10m

SP: 1. Remnick Alivio (CV) 13.41m, 2. Lauro Purganan (R1) 13.07m, 3.  Reygarl Catago (WV) 12.96m

DT: 1. Regan Contic (BRAA) 38.70m (96), Adrian Liano (DAVRAA) 38.18m,


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