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2013 Milo Marathon


From Manila Times, Oct 31, 2013, by AFP
Rowell Hulleza and Alexandra Ganzon took advantage of the fair weather to top the Iloilo qualifying leg of the 36th National MILO Marathon.

Over 12,200 athletes and running enthusiasts ran the difficult course around Iloilo City for the thirteenth installment of the country’s premier foot race. Negrense Hulleza dominated the 21k men’s division race in 1:15:56 to pocket the P 10,000 top prize.

The West Negros University Criminology undergraduate finished ahead of runners Bennie Murillo and Jorge Sepida, who finished in 1:16:38 and 1:22:24, respectively. Completing the top 3 casts in the distaff side are Ganzon, who triumphantly crossed the finish line in first place at 1:44:59, Mellina Jane Jaroda at 1:52:34, and Mary Antonette Nuñez at 1:57:45.


2013 Milo Marathon Finals


Veteran Eduardo Buenavista finished behind 3 Kenyans to win the local division of the meet in 2h27.14.

Buenavista was supposed to be part of the Team Philippines to see action in the 2013 Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar but was removed from the list at the last minute by the coaching staff.

“This victory at least proved that I deserve to be in the 2013 Myanmar Sea Games. I really wanted to win this race to prove my point. I am not yet fading,”

Said Buenavista, a bronze medalist in Indonesia’s 2011 Sea Games and gold medalist in the 2009 Laos Games marathon.

Rene Desuyo finished at 2:32:34 to place second in the local division and earned P100,000, while Ireneo Raquin was third in 2:32:57. He received P75,000.

Milo sports executive Andrew Neri said that a total of 26,681 runners participated in the 37th edition, which was more than the targeted 20,000.

“Last year, there were 214,000 participants throughout the country, but this year, we have 220,000 runners,” said Neri.


Top Placers Open

BIB Name Gun Time Chip Time Age Group Country

  • 1st 42548 Joshphat Kiptanui Chobei 02:18:23 02:18:19 X Kenya
  • 2nd 42571 James Tallam 02:18:41 02:18:36 X Kenya
  • 3rd 42580 Alex Melly 02:22:30 02:22:26 X Kenya

Top Placers Local

  • 1st 42796 Eduardo Buenavista 02:27:14 02:27:11 X Philippines
  • 2nd 42680 Rene Desuyo 02:32:34 02:32:29 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 3rd 42636 Irineo Raquin 02:32:57 02:32:51 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 4th 42648 Jeson Agravante 02:33:13 02:33:12 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 5th 42733 Anthony Nerza 02:33:42 02:33:41 X Philippines
  • 6th 42775 Cresenciano Sabal 02:36:06 02:36:05 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 7th 42805 Julius Sermona 02:36:54 02:36:52 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 8th 42802 Arnold Unabia 02:38:00 02:37:58 B:35-39 Philippines
  • 9th 42681 Alley Quisay 02:38:18 02:38:17 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 10th 42619 Cesar Castaneto 02:41:38 02:41:31 X Philippines


Top Placers Open

BIB Name Gun Time Chip Time Age Group Country

  • 1st 43005 Margaret Njuguna 02:42:18 02:42:16 X Kenya
  • 2nd 42859 Mary Joy Tabal* 02:48:00 02:48:00 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 3rd 42647 Mary Grace Delos Santos 02:54:27 02:54:26 X Philippines

Top Placers Local

  • 1st 42886 Christabel Martes 02:57:15 02:57:12 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 2nd 42696 Luisa Raterta 03:07:18 03:07:17 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 3rd 42786 Mirasol Abad 03:07:46 03:07:43 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 4th 42828 Cynthia Jaro 03:14:09 03:14:08 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 5th 43047 Lany Cardona 03:18:54 03:18:50 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 6th 42734 Monaliza Ambasa 03:19:37 03:19:33 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 7th 42823 Miscelle Gilbuena 03:20:53 03:20:50 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 8th 42776 Ailene Tolentino 03:22:05 03:22:03 A:18-34 Philippines
  • 9th 42386 Janette Agura 03:22:52 03:22:50 B:35-39 Philippines
  • 10th 43041 Berna Pulmano 03:23:03 03:22:59 A:18-34 Philippines

* Broke the Women’s Record 02:48:16








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