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1993 SEA Games Womens 4×400 – Video

Elma Muros 4×400 Womens 1993 SEA Games

1993 SEA Games 4x400m in Singapore

3 Teams entered

  • GOLD Malaysia 3:35.83
  • SILVER Thailand 3:36.12
    BRONZE Philippines 3:53.33

The Philippines 4×400 includes Elma Muros-Posadas Perla Balatucan Lobos and Rhoda Sinoro. Nene Gamo-Pellosis.

Elma, Perla, Rhoda, and Lydia set the still-standing 4×400 Philippine record of 3:40.9 at the ASEAN Relay in Manila on May 17, 1993. 

A few people criticized this article when it initially came out with what was seen as rather personal attacks on the page and writers.

With Pinoyathletics strongly retaliating with this statement.

One Person even asks why we are posting something which is not a good performance.

Well, to answer that, we can’t always win gold.

And there are very few videos of Philippine Athletics from the pre-internet age.

So anything we can find we will share, whether good or bad.

People’s opinions on what we post are up to them.

But we report the news.

Please note. In our group rules. We will and have ban anyone who gives unuseful non constructive comments which are personal attacks. To be honest if people dont like what we post GO AND FIND YOUR INFORMATION SOMEWHERE ELSE THEN.

I’ve already changed the title to reflect that before some people commented. A mistake was made and then corrected. Who honestly can say they dont make mistakes. GET OVER IT!


Marcus Tabanyag I’m glad that this video was made available for us to see our former athletes in action…win or lose.
For me what’s important was that we fielded a 4-member team which was evidently quite difficult at that time, even for the other SEA countries.
That year in May 1993 at Manila our team achieved the still existing Philippine record of 3:40.9 (Muros, Balatucan, Sinoro, de Vega).
Our representatives obviously did not break that record in Singapore, the video did not show their time…maybe its a different line-up…maybe the homecourt advantage of the Manila record…maybe the 2 teams were just too strong.
BUT we participated…hopefully got a respectable time…doing their best inspite of everything…we just need to cheer…even these past efforts…they represented our country…no matter what.



Although not a brilliant result in this video.
They lacked the speed of Lydia De Vega in this race.
Lydia, who had run with them earlier in the year, had set a still-standing National Record in the 4×400.
Pinoyathletics was asked why we posted a video of the Philippines Athletes getting beaten.
Well, there was no intent to shame or belittle them.
It’s merely because old post-internet VHS Footage like this is rare to find and must be shared with the Athletic Community, whether win or lose.

Mens 200m

1. Niti Piyapan (THA) 20.93
2. Hamkah bin Afik (SGP) 21.34
3. Ernawan Witarea (INA) 21.44
4. Paulinho Coloma Jr (PHI) 21.60
5. Suhairi Salem (MAS) 21.65
6. Abdul Rahman Koyakutty (MAS) 21.87
7. Kyaw Htoo Aung (MYA) 21.90
8. Albert Go (PHI) 21.91
Piyapan takes the win easy for Athletics Thailand; we need to note still, even though a distant second, how good Hamkah Afik was back in the day with a silver in Shyam Ukshyam-UK Shyam would duplicate this in 2001 with silver for Singapore in the 100.
Filipinos Paul Daejun Coloma and the one-time Phenom Albert Go are also featured in this video.

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