Books Speed Trap by Charlie Francis

Charlie Francis

Speed Trap Charlie Francis URL: Author: Jeff Coplon Editor's Rating: 1 Charlie Francis Books for Sprinters – Speed Trap by Charlie Francis The book clears up a lot of things. First, Charlie Francis was light-years ahead of his coaching competition. He accomplished everything entirely on his own merits. On a shoestring budget and with … Read more

Bud Winter So you want to be a Sprinter and legacy

Bud Winter So you want to be a Sprinter and legacy 3

American Coach Bud Winter Jamaican Sprint Success: Thanks to an American Coach Bud Winter? By Jimson Lee Interestingly a lot of Jamaica’s future success is owed to a pioneer American Coach Bud Winter. In 2011, Jamaica had seven 100-meter sprinters under 10 seconds, the Holy Grail for the distance. So did the United States. While … Read more

Do Power Cleans help develop amazing speed? 1

power cleans

Improve Power Cleans Introduction to Power Cleans  Today we will discuss one of the most underestimated exercises: Power Cleans (or Dumbell Cleans/Barbell Clean) and how to improve your power cleans. While power cleans are underestimated, you rarely see bodybuilders doing legs. That does not mean it can’t be useful in bodybuilding. Most powerlifters and athletes … Read more

How to Calculate BMI? 7 Interesting ways

How to Calculate BMI? 7 Interesting ways 13

How to Calculate BMI Do you think BMI Index is a good way to measure someone’s health? l How to Calculate BMI Metric The BMI index doesn’t measure the fat in your body directly. By the end of reading this article with a Free BMI Calculator. You will discover your Body Mass Index and what … Read more

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