The Best Meal Plan for Sprinters 1

The Best Meal Plan for Sprinters 1 1

Meal Plan for Sprinters Short distance running is the sprinting events 400m and below. Also, at these short distances, muscular power, and anaerobic metabolism come into play, and there is no endurance element. Training as a short-distance runner will involve weight training 3-4 times per week. As well as interval training along with sprint training. … Read more

Mathletics book by John Barrow

Mathletics by John Barrow

MATHLETICS BOOK  John Barrow How can sprinter Usain Bolt break his world record without expending any additional effort? What dates of birth give rise to the best professional athletes? Is it better to have the inside or outside lane during a race? Drawing on vivid, real-life examples, mathematician John D. Barrow entertainingly explores the eye-opening, often counter-intuitive, … Read more

managing sports organizations by ruben acosta

Managing Sports Organizations by Acosta

Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta  Part of the Managing Sports Organizations Books Series Rubén Acosta, Ph.D. is president of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). During his tenure, the volleyball association grew from a $100,000 operation into a powerful $200,000,000 organization, making it one of the most successful marketing efforts in modern sport. … Read more

Excellent Coaching Philosophy in Athletics

Coaching Philosophy

Excellent Coaching Philosophy in Athletics Coaching Philosophy in Athletics. Nothing is as practical as a well-developed philosophy. Philosophy is simply the way you see situations and experiences. So, whether you have given it much thought or not, you already have a personal philosophy of life. It is based on your ideas, opinions, and attitudes from … Read more

5 amazing Pool workouts for sprinters

pool workouts for sprinters

The Pool Circuit was born after deep-water running was discovered, and well after the Judo Circuit was formulated.

Above all, it was either a sign of my insanity as an athlete or perhaps just a response to the inner delight I felt when first I unleashed a crude form of it on Coops one morning.

Contrast Showers and amazing recovery

contrast showers

Contrast Showers CONTRAST SHOWERS and Recovery Similar to the ice baths, contrast showers are used to help remove waste products from the body. Also, to enrich it with newer and more highly oxygenated blood. For some athletes having access to an ice bath can prove too difficult. It can also be a timely procedure, making … Read more

What was so controversial about Nancy Navalta Gender Issues in the 1990s?

nancy navalta

Nancy Navalta Gender Issues Nancy Navalta Biography While running the 100-meter dash at 11.44 seconds. Therefore, It’s an even more fantastic feat considering how green she was. Besides, Nancy had no training.  In contrast, she just ran on sandy beaches with a sack of rocks slung over her shoulders. However, newspapers lauded this daughter of … Read more

New Zealand Athletes of the Century – awesome stats book

New Zealand Athletes of the Century - awesome stats book 10

The book is by the late athletics statistician Peter Heindenstrom. New Zealand Athletes of the Century Peter Heidenstrom, who died in 2007, aged 77. He was New Zealand’s most perceptive and widely published writer on athletics. And he put his extensive records and encyclopedic knowledge into the most comprehensive book on 100 years of New … Read more

2018 Asian Games Athletics Comprehensive #1 Guide

2018 Asian Games Test Athletics

2018 Asian Games Athletics Summary of Philippine  Performances in Athletics 2018 Asian Games Athletics – Decathlon Men’s Report – Aries Toledo (Videos) 2018 Asian Games Athletics 100M is good for Aries Toledo, who was 2nd overall in the 100m in 10.84. Just outside his 10.81 effort from the 2017 SEA Games (7433 points). That gives … Read more

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