What is Athlete Poaching – The Need for coaching agreements with Parents in the Philippines

Athlete Poaching

Athlete Poaching Athlete Poaching Below is an article on Athlete Poaching and coaching etiquette. This was summarized and compiled by an Australian Coach. I will look for more peer-reviewed materials next time. I asked Darren for permission to use his article on Athlete Poaching. And am very grateful he allowed me to share his views.  … Read more

Best Exercises for Hamstrings

exercises for hamstrings

This article will go through ways to EXERCISES FOR HAMSTRINGS WORKOUT AT HOME, hamstring exercises without equipment. During the times of COVID-19. With Gyms closed and in some cases curfews imposed. Athletes and fitness buffs are turning towards Home hamstrings Workout. ‘ Exercises for Hamstrings at Home We will go through some Hamstring Exercises at … Read more

The Sports Gene : David Epstein Comprehensive #1 Book

The Sports Gene

The Sports Gene: David Epstein The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extra-Ordinary Athletic Performance The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance by David Epstein, “The Sports Gene” is an enjoyable book that shares the latest of modern genetic research as it relates to elite athleticism. In the never-ending quest to settle … Read more

100-meter dash: Can anyone train to eventually run 11 seconds ? Comprehensive Guide English/Tagalog

100 meter dash

100-meter dash Can anyone train hard enough that they can eventually run an 11-second 100-meter dash? First Published in 2018. As a sprint coach, the answer to this is definitely no. Let me start by saying I mainly trained female sprinters. But for this answer, I will focus on male sprinters, but I worked at … Read more

How to use exercise foam rollers Amazing #1 Guide

exercise foam rollers

exercise foam rollers Why Do Foam Rollers Exercises? I would recommend Exercise Foam Rollers Before and after a workout. To help release muscle tension. Best Foam Rolling is after a light jog. Also, foam Rolling is especially useful for athletes who can’t afford the costs of regular massage. It decreases muscle density to help the … Read more

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