Top Sprinters Running Genetic Factor

1. Sprinters Genetic: Top sprinters may have the key gene
2. Sprinters Genetic: Born to Run? MRI scans reveal sprinters have different bone structure from the rest of us
Long Slow Running Builds long slow sprinter
Cross country isn’t called cross country for anything.

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Mathletics book by John Barrow

Mathletics by John Barrow

Mathletics book John Barrow MATHLETICS BOOK  John Barrow How can sprinter Usain Bolt break his world record without expending any additional effort? What dates of birth give rise to the best professional athletes? Is it better to have the inside or outside lane during a race? Drawing on vivid, real-life examples, mathematician John D. Barrow entertainingly … Read more

managing sports organizations by ruben acosta

Managing Sports Organizations by Acosta

Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta Managing Sports Organizations by Ruben Acosta  Part of the Managing Sports Organizations Books Series Rubén Acosta, Ph.D. is president of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). During his tenure, the volleyball association grew from a $100,000 operation into a powerful $200,000,000 organization, making it one of the most successful marketing efforts in modern sport. … Read more

Olympic Weightlifting Teens and Children

Olympic Weightlifting Teens and Children Olympic Weightlifting Teens and Children Posted by some top NZ Track and S&C Coaches. The German Orthopedic Association recommends that weight training with an emphasis on skill and technique begins at 6 years of age. Similarly the two theories, that weight training early stunted growth and lead to damage of … Read more

Gender Issues in Athletics: Nancy Navalta

Nancy Navalta Nancy Navalta Biography While running the 100-meter dash at 11.44 seconds. Therefore, It’s an even more amazing feat considering how green she was. In addition, Nancy had no training.  In contrast, she just ran on sandy beaches with a sack of rocks slung over her shoulders. However, newspapers lauded this daughter of a … Read more

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