Recruiting Athletes Philippine Athletics

2014 Palarong Pambansa Athletics

Recruiting Athletes in Philippine Track and Field Originally posted Aug 26, 2013 RECRUITING ATHLETES IN PHILIPPINE TRACK AND FIELD There are three ways I can think of which come to mind for recruiting athletes. However, we should be applying coaching ethics and protecting against poaching which is the biggest problem limiting Philippine Sports today. a … Read more

Is Height a controversial Myth Female Sprinter ?

does height always equal might

 Female Sprinter  Airnel T. Abarra* a Does Height Always Makes Might?  Deconstructing the Height Hype in Female Sprinters It is always a common maxim that the taller the athlete, the better. In a basketball fanatic-country like the Philippines, mainstream sports media mostly portray tall athletes in a positive light. While shorter ones are only get … Read more

Secrets to calculate Ideal Body Weight 0

ideal body weight This article will discuss the ideal body weight for height. By the end of reading this, you will unlock what is the ideal body weight according to height.  The ideal body weight should be unique for everyone. Major factors that contribute to a person’s ideal body weight are height, gender, age, body … Read more

Youth Development for Athletes

youth development working with young athletes   This collection of posts is a continuation of our previous collection of posts on Talent Identification a near 5000-word long post please check it out. For coaching inquiries please email [email protected] Words of Advice to young athletes a Words of Advice to young athletes This article was published … Read more

Track Stats in Philippines Sport

Track Stats in Philippines Sport Article originally from 2013 during my 2-year service with the Philippines Sports Commission 2013-2015 as Research Assistant. PSC Track Stats in Philippines Sport announced to Media (rev 1)   July 30, 2013 1 The well-research medal prediction that was shared with the media and other partners in government prevented us … Read more

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