Top Sprinters Running Genetic Factor

Top Sprinters Running Genetic Factor 1

1. Sprinters Genetic: Top sprinters may have the key gene
2. Sprinters Genetic: Born to Run? MRI scans reveal sprinters have different bone structure from the rest of us
Long Slow Running Builds long slow sprinter
Cross country isn’t called cross country for anything.

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Does Height Matter for a female sprinter? Amazing #1 Guide

Female SPrinter

Does Height Matter for a female sprinter? Airnel T. Abarra* Top Female Sprinters 5’0 Fraser Pryce Olympic Women’s 100m Champion beating 5’11 Nigerian Blessing Ogkabre. Look at the physical development somatype of Fraser Pryce with larger glutes and quads, resulting from genetics giving more advantages than height in the short sprints. Does Height Always Makes Might?  … Read more

How to Improve Philippines Sports

psc files

How to Improve Philippines Sports In light of the situation with the POC Senate Hearing scheduled for November 16. I bring up this old article from pinoyexchange. It seems nothing much has changed.  So can you suggest in the comments more Ways How to Improve Philippines Sports? Thread started by Coolenz from The Original … Read more

Early sport specialization the pitfalls

Early Sport Specialization

Early sport specialization Early sport specialization (ESS) is defined as the intensive training or competition in organized sport by prepubescent children (under the age of 12) for more than eight months per year, with a focus on a single sport to the exclusion of other sports and free play. Early Sport Specialization Per Reviewed study co-authored by Jad Adrian … Read more

What is Athlete Poaching – The Need for coaching agreements with Parents in the Philippines

Athlete Poaching

Athlete Poaching Below is an article on Athlete Poaching and coaching etiquette. This was summarized and compiled by an Australian Coach. I will look for more peer-reviewed materials next time. I asked Darren for permission to use his article on Athlete Poaching. And am very grateful he allowed me to share his views.  In some … Read more

Can A Calm Mindset Help You Win?

Can A Calm Mindset Help You Win?

Can A Calm Mindset Help You Win? As the most successful male Olympian of all time, one might expect Michael Phelps to be a huge fan of pumped-up, adrenalin-filled race mornings or pre-competition routines that thrive on energy and excitement.  He credits a large part of his success to a calm and mindful approach to his … Read more

8 Principles of Training – Comprehensive Guide

8 Principles of Training - Comprehensive Guide 12

8 Principles of Training Using principles of training  as a framework, we can plan a personal training program that uses scientific principles to improve performance, skill, game ability, and physical fitness. A successful training program will meet individual needs; personal fitness needs to be based on age, gender, fitness level, and the sport we are training. A … Read more

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