Mia Guillergan – 5000m World Age Record

Mia Guillergan Mia Guillerganst Mia Guillergen was named the youngest ever Pinoyathletics Junior athlete of the year in the 8 year history of Pinoyathletics.info. Guillergen who lives in Australia is with the Sydney Sports Academy and coached by Jack McPhee. Announced two weeks ago on the 13.10.2020 via Pinoyathletics Tuesday’s Track Talk (slideshare of the … Read more

South East Asia Athletics Rank 2018-2020

South East Asia  South East Asia Rankings 2020 Rankings Compiled by ATFS Vice President Andrew Pirie. With information from Mr.  H. Hubbeling Asian Athletics Chief Statistician and Jad Adrian Washif South East Asian Statistician.  With Several meets canceled due to the COVID Virus. In the Philippines, south-east Asia, and across the world. Pinoyathletics has compiled … Read more

2021 Mindanao Blue Knights Track League

2021 Mindanao Blue Knights Track League Now in its 7th year of operation. The longest running Track and Field league in Mindanao. With legs held in Tubod, Koronadal, Tagum, and Davao City in previous editions.  Once all the details are cleared we can start and release more details to the athletic community. Regarding Dates and … Read more

Controversial National Academy of Sports Philippines 6 Concerns

Quite recently a bill was passed Senate Bill 1086. While there is some merit in this idea as it will train up people for sports careers in admin, coaching, officiating, etc. Pinoyathletics will discuss why its a bad idea. As it will impact badly on grass-root coaches from other regions in the Philippines. With NCR and STCAA private schools already poaching athletes from provincial coaches. It could end up with NCR, STCAA, and the sports school which will be built in CLRAA doing the poaching.

Katherine Khay Santos ‘The Dude’

Katherine Khay Santos Video Interview with Katherine Khay Santos ‘ Santos is SEA Games 2013 Bronze Medalist in the Long Jump. With a Personal Best of 6.40m. She also featured in the 4×100 Relay at SEA Games in 2015. And was also the Philippines National Champion in 2011 and 2015 in the 100m Dash. ‘ … Read more

University of Santo Tomas 50 lose scholarships

University of Santo Tomas Athletes lose scholarships Introduction: The University of Santo Tomas is due to drop several of its athletes from its program in December. Due to lack of budget from incoming school fees. It is stand procedure for UST to drop non-performing athletes but it usually happens around June. The information was leaked … Read more

BMI How to Calculate 7 Interesting ways

BMI How to Calculate Do you think BMI Index is a good way to measure someone’s health? l BMI How to Calculate Metric The BMI index doesn’t measure the fat in your body directly. By the end of reading this article with a Free BMI Calculator. You will discover your Body Mass Index and what … Read more

How To Make 15 Fruits For Detox Water Recipes

Detox Water Recipes Detox Water Recipes: To improve your health UPDATED! I was inspired to start mixing Fruits for Detox Water Recipes when I saw Philippine Athletics Distance Coach Ojon Artiaga filling up 3 bottles in the fridge and curiously asked him what it was and what is the purpose. Recipes Drinking water without anyone … Read more

Maja Salvador as struggling athlete Thelma


Maja Salvador    So the Question is does Thelma Maja Salvador  make a better runner? Or does Elma Muros Posadas make a better actress? ; Maja Salvador, Thelma: Movie features Elma Muros Posadas I was finally able to watch my copy of the movie Thelma. Which stars Maja Salvador as the track runner Thelma . … Read more

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