2022 SEA Rankings Athletics (Updated Jun 30, 2022)

2022 SEA Rankings

2022 SEA Rankings Athletics Updated December 31, 2021 By Andrew Pirie ATFS Vice President Filipino athletes that do not present Filipino Passports to Pinoyathletics will not be eligible for SEA Rankings. Last Year’s Rankings.   PLEASE SHARE THIS ARTICLE LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE

Marestella Long Jump Queen Competition (July 30, 2022)


Marestella Long Jump Queen Competition (July 30, 2022) The legendary Marestella Torres launches her own Long Jump Event. Calling all aspiring Long Jumpers all over the Philippines, come and join my first ever Long Jump competition organized by yours truly. This competition is open to everybody both beginners and elites. To register please see the … Read more

Puripol Boonson 16 year old Clocks new 200m SEA Record in Kazakhstan.

2022 SEA Rankings

Puripol Boonson breaks SEA Record 16-year-old Puripol Boonson (born January 16, 2006). Again took a considerable chunk off his SEA Record with a 20.19 clocking, beating the 20.37 he ran to win the SEA Games 2 months ago. The wind reading was +1.7 so Boonson had a legitimate wind reading. The performance came at the … Read more

What is Athlete Poaching – The Need for coaching agreements with Parents in the Philippines

Athlete Poaching

Athlete Poaching Below is an article on Athlete Poaching and coaching etiquette. This was summarized and compiled by an Australian Coach. I will look for more peer-reviewed materials next time. I asked Darren for permission to use his article on Athlete Poaching. And am very grateful he allowed me to share his views.  In some … Read more

It’s the community: Lessons on European Grassroots Athletics

European Grassroots Athletics

It’s the community: Lessons on European Grassroots Athletics Prof. Airnel Abarra Ph.D. Candidate, Hungarian University of Sport Science, Budapest, Hungary Director for Sport Research, Adrenaline Solutions   MANNHEIM, GERMANY, and OSTRAVA, CZECH REPUBLIC- It has always been a discussion on the situation of Philippine Athletics on different social media platforms on what should be done … Read more

Looking for a job? Here are some considerations

looking for a job

Looking for a job? Here are some considerations When you are looking for a job there are many factors that you take into account to choosing the company, not only the position they offer, but also if the company is good and has good working conditions and a suitable work environment. Having working conditions in … Read more

Early sport specialization the pitfalls

Early Sport Specialization

Early sport specialization Early sport specialization (ESS) is defined as the intensive training or competition in organized sport by prepubescent children (under the age of 12) for more than eight months per year, with a focus on a single sport to the exclusion of other sports and free play. Early Sport Specialization Per Reviewed study co-authored by Jad Adrian … Read more

NEW BLACK KAREN!! performances highlight of Tean United Olongapo Invitational

New Black Karen

NEW BLACK KAREN!! performances highlight of Team United Olongapo Invitational 18-year-old Karen Pelegria’s performances highlighted the 2022 United Olongapo Invitational event on June 18-19 in Olongapo City. Organized by Coach Mike Sionzon and his team.  The 18-year-old representing team Bocaue, clocked official times of 13.20 and 27.43 (hand times 12.8 and 27.2), faster than the … Read more

2022 Perak Open Athletics Results

2022 Perak Open Athletics

Malaysia Azeem Clocks 9.97!!! On a Stop Watch!!! The official Time is 10.28. He absolutely bulldozed 2017 SEA Games Champion Khairul Hafiz Jantan who was a distant second in 10.80. Azeem was disqualified in the SEA Games heats for a controversial decision made on what was deemed a false start. 2022 Perak Open Athletics Results … Read more

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