Amazing Mia Guillergan – 5000m World Age Record

Mia Guillergan Mia Guillerganst After talking Mia Guillergan step dad Michael. Mia Guillergan at 11 does Triathlon, Football and Athletics. She went from 20 minutes at age 10 for 5k to 17m41.03 at age 11. Mia has dual Filipino citizenship but hasn’t yet applied for a Filipino Passport. Mia Guillergan has ran 10m10 for 3000m … Read more

South East Asia Athletics Rank 2018-2020

South East Asia  South East Asia Rankings 2020 Rankings Compiled by ATFS Vice President Andrew Pirie. With information from Mr.  H. Hubbeling Asian Athletics Chief Statistician and Jad Adrian Washif South East Asian Statistician.  With Several meets canceled due to the COVID Virus. In the Philippines, south-east Asia, and across the world. Pinoyathletics has compiled … Read more

2021 Mindanao Blue Knights Track League

2021 Mindanao Blue Knights Track League Now in its 7th year of operation. The longest running Track and Field league in Mindanao. With legs held in Tubod, Koronadal, Tagum, and Davao City in previous editions.  Once all the details are cleared we can start and release more details to the athletic community. Regarding Dates and … Read more

Former Sprinter Coach Orlando Lampa passes away

Orlando Lampa

Orlando Lampa Former National Sprinter and Coach Orlando Lampa passed away today A handy sprinter who at his prime was a 10.6 man. But was in such a great age of Filipino male sprinters that he never was competitive enough to be on the Men’s 4×100 team. Lampa first came to prominence during the 1959 … Read more

Thrilling Wesley So #1 – Philippines Chess

Wesley So

Wesley So Wesley So wins US Chess Championship Philippine-born Grandmaster Wesley So captured the 2020 US Chess Championship in an epic performance on Friday (Manila Time) and brought home the $40,000-prize money (P1.9 million). The rapid 12-player tournament was played online. So earned the distinction of tying Robert James “Bobby” Fisher’s feat in1966, finishing 9 … Read more

Beware The I Can’t Train Raining Scam

Train Raining First Published  September 17, 2020 By Andrew Pirie (Enzo Williams) Vice President of the ATFS   Photo: An athlete I am coaching in Calapan City. Pia a native of Surigao. The 22 Year old Former SCUAA 400m Finalist who currently works for the Fruitas company. What is your excuse!? Who is making a … Read more

Jackpot Does Jump rope make you taller ? 1

skipping for height

Skipping is a heart-pumping exercise. When you skip, you are alternating your legs by keeping it on and away from the ground. It is also a high-speed activity. While skipping the entire muscles and ligaments in your body are stretching and contracting. This causes them to be elastic and eventually they stretch.

When you are skipping your body is completely erect stretching the spine and the back muscles too. The constant bending of the knee while skipping causes the calf muscles to expand vertically.

Skipping also adds to bone mass by making them longer. That is why skipping can help in gaining a few inches.

Another effect of skipping is that it makes our entire body slimmer. When you have a slimmer body, you look taller.

Controversial National Academy of Sports Philippines 6 Concerns

Quite recently a bill was passed Senate Bill 1086. While there is some merit in this idea as it will train up people for sports careers in admin, coaching, officiating, etc. Pinoyathletics will discuss why its a bad idea. As it will impact badly on grass-root coaches from other regions in the Philippines. With NCR and STCAA private schools already poaching athletes from provincial coaches. It could end up with NCR, STCAA, and the sports school which will be built in CLRAA doing the poaching.

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